Representing Lawyers And Other Professionals

Professionals are obligated to try to provide the services that every client expects and deserves. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. The results may not reflect the effort you have given, or perhaps there were circumstances that were beyond your control. After all, we are all human and thus we all can make mistakes. An apology may be enough for a family member or friend, but the circumstances can be more serious when it involves professional liability or the payment for services.

Sheila J. Naifeh, Attorney at Law, represents lawyers, medical professionals and others facing disciplinary issues from a licensing board or other professional organization. We can help you navigate the process of formal and informal grievances, disciplinary hearings, interim suspensions, reinstatement hearings and health challenges. We can even represent you if you face criminal charges, but our main focus is professional responsibility and ethics.

Typical Disputes We Handle

We work with clients to protect their legal reputation and livelihood:

  • Legal malpractice: These can include client neglect, lying to a judge, participating in a criminal endeavor such actively taking assets from a client, and improper billing

You Are Not Alone

About 10 attorneys per year surrender their license or are disbarred in Oklahoma, and there are hundreds more grievances filed each year. There are 1,700 attorneys as well as hundreds more medical professionals and other licensed professions here in Oklahoma. The careers of all of them would be affected by ethics charges that involve loss of a professional license.

How We Help

We believe that everyone has a right to defend themselves. We tell your side of the story with the hope of resolving the dispute. If we think that we can help, we will try even after others have given up. Along with our own strong defense, we will call upon fellow professionals for expert testimony to illustrate the strength your character. We do this because we know what is at stake, professionally and personally.