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Attorney Sheila J. Naifeh has practiced law since 1991. She started working at the law library in college and, after getting to know some of the students and faculty, thought it might be a good idea to take some law classes. She tried it and realized it was her calling.

What started as her figuring out how to practice the right way evolved into helping legal peers and other professionals. She founded Sheila J. Naifeh, Attorney at Law, and has since dedicated herself to resolving issues involving professional responsibility and ethics before licensing boards and professional organizations.

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Providing Specialized Services To Clients

The unique nature of our practice ensures that we provide the kind of service you do not see at most other law firms. While all good lawyers are responsive to the needs of their clients and take steps to quickly address any important issue, Ms. Naifeh also understands that there may be personal issues outside of work that affected job performance. Not only will she advise you on the next steps to take, but she will also make sure you get any help you need if you struggle with addiction or are dealing with other personal issues. Instead of judging your missteps, she will do whatever she can to help you resolve disputes and get back to work.

Sheila J. Naifeh is a leader in her field because of her focus and her history in working with colleagues and other accredited professionals. A lifelong Oklahoman, Ms. Naifeh also teaches continuing legal education classes each year about what constitutes ethical and legal behavior for lawyers. When not practicing law, she enjoys spending time with friends and performing stand-up on the local comedy circuit.

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