Professional Responsibility Counsel

Legal ethics and professional responsibility are issues that anyone employed must contend with. Whether you recently started practicing law, have practiced medicine for years or are in another profession where accreditation is necessary, you must continually review or monitor your behavior to ensure that you stay within the written and unwritten guidelines for working with clients, customers and colleagues. People make poor choices, but sometimes even the most scrupulous professionals can find themselves facing accusations of misconduct through no fault of their own, because of ignorance or due to health issues.

At Sheila J. Naifeh, Attorney at Law, we help some of the hundreds of professionals in Oklahoma who need to defend themselves before boards and other licensing organizations. Instead of judging her clients, Ms. Naifeh fights to keep our clients' licenses and livelihood. With more than 27 years of experience in these matters, we can represent you at disciplinary hearings, draft a letter of defense for an informal complaint, represent you during a formal review or grievance, or fight an interim suspension.

Professional Ethics

Common Examples Of Professional Misbehavior

These are typical of lawyers but can apply to all professionals:

  • Client neglect: This can include not preparing for a case, ignoring the client's needs, lying to a judge and other actions.
  • Sexual relations: This is a breach of the client-professional relationship and creates greater issues depending on the circumstances.
  • Fraud: This involves improper billing, taking advantage of the elderly or vulnerable, commingling of funds, and accepting money and gifts of value while acting in a professional capacity.
  • Violation of confidentiality: The relationship between lawyers, doctors and other professionals with their clients should be regarded as private unless the client has given consent.
  • Not reporting discipline: This includes failure of a lawyer to report punishment levied in another jurisdiction.
  • Guaranteeing outcomes: The professional cannot make blanket promises of success.

Ethics Matters Need To Be Taken Seriously

Matters involving ethics and professional responsibility affect one's reputation and their ability to earn a living – disbarred lawyers must wait five years to apply for reinstatement. Moreover, the burden of proving your qualifications will likely be higher when you reapply for reinstatement. It is always best to take these accusations seriously and hire legal counsel to help you mount a strong defense to protect your professional license.

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