Ethics Complaint Resolution

It is never a good day when you find out that there has been a formal complaint of professional misconduct made against you. Lawyers go before a three-judge tribunal at professional responsibility commission, but other professional associations will have their own hearings and panels. Some will try to ignore these charges and hope they go away, but this will often lead to more problems. It is advisable to reach out to an attorney with experience in ethics panels, professional hearings and criminal defense.

For more than 27 years, Sheila J. Naifeh, Attorney at Law, has helped lawyers and other professionals in Oklahoma facing these issues. As with criminal defense, it is important to quickly respond to ethics investigation charges that involve the possible imposition of discipline, including suspension, disbarment or public censure, and embarrassment. We can also help clients who have already gone through this process and are now able to begin the reinstatement process. Regardless of where you are in the process of resolving ethics complaints, an attorney can work toward minimizing the impact your career.


Pre-Disciplinary Charge Counsel

We also work with professionals facing criminal charges. Sometimes the best approach is to fight all accusations. However, lawyers, medical professionals and others may need to consider how charges like sexual relations with clients, neglect of professional obligations or other bad behavior will impact their professional licensing and ability to earn a living.

We can often address issues within the groundwork of a criminal defense (such as taking client funds or another form of fraud), so that clients can return to work immediately or after the appropriate time.

Reinstatement Following Discipline

Reinstatement is often more challenging than initially gaining accreditation. Whether you are a disbarred attorney seeking reinstatement or a medical doctor who wants to treat patients again, an experienced defense can help build a stronger case for reinstatement. Rather than a lawyer representing him or herself, we find that outside counsel will often have a favorable impact on these hearings.

Let Us Give You The Representation You Deserve

Attorney Sheila J. Naifeh does not judge her clients. She works with them to find solutions. She will talk to officials about the facts or show the character of the attorney, often finding other professionals and expert witnesses to support these facts.

We have also found that people here in Oklahoma are a forgiving and close-knit group. When someone has overcome an ethics complaint and is doing well, they can wear it like a badge of honor. Going through adversity makes them better people as well as lawyers, doctors and professionals.

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